About Us

AirWhere has been designed to offer a lightweight, flexible and cheap approach to pilot awareness.

We have used small inexpensive components, coupled with WiFi to be used whilst paragliding where size and weight are at a priority

This website gives you the opportunity to build one of these small units and to give you the ability to view each in the air

Currently we offer the use of various flight software namely LK8000, XCsoar, XCTrack and FlySkyHy to connect to the unit, more flight software compatibility coming soon.

We are always still developing the software, adding new features, fixing any issues, feedback is welcomed! Please use the contact us page.

Please join our facebook group to ask questions and get more info on the project here

AirWhere is FREE. We do not charge for downloading or building an AirWhere unit, or use of the live tracking page on this website, however this does incur costs for us so please do feel free to donate a small amount to help with the running costs, this would be appreciated, thanks

For more info visit www.airwhere.co.uk